It's All About You

We have over 40 years combined global experience within operations, executive search and strategic human resources markets within the wider services industries.Since 2008, both the global operating environment and the available technology have dramatically changed the way we do business and in particular the way we now source top talented professionals to lead our industries.

With these changes foremost in our minds we formed Earth Talent to address the rapidly evolving requirements of our clients. As technology advances, we understand that to truly be an asset to our client's needs, we have to continually pioneer radical changes to our market approach and service offers. We therefore can deliver a number of talent targeting services as well as talent attraction campaigns and employer image outplacement services.

Our industries and our reach

Rather than being general talent practitioners, we concentrate our core strengths within luxury hotel brands, hospitality, facilities managements, real estate asset management, retail, media and entertainment industries. Whilst we have a rich and wide local talent pool, our network extends internationally from London to New York to Hong Kong to Dubai to South Africa and many other countries in between.

Corinne & Sue

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