Talent Attraction Services

Exclusive Assignments

The most efficient and rapid response to your talent needs comes from engaging Earth Talent as your sole and exclusive partner for individual assignments.

Our exclusive services are most appropriate for mid to senior level management roles.

Retained Projects

In depth talent mapping and direct approach services which target the highest calibre professionals across broader, multi-sector markets. Our retained services are most appropriate for all board appointments, corporate and regional senior leadership roles.

Our Services

Talent Attraction Services

The most efficient and rapid response to your talent needs comes from engaging Earth Talent...

Executive Outplacement

Companies sometimes need to make tough choices and restructure. How an existing employee...

Exit Interview Services

We believe that the exit strategy is just as critical to your employer image as the entrance...

Talent Banking Campaigns

When our clients need to identify people who are a great cultural fit for their brand...

Employer Image Marketing

Perception is reality, both present and future. A job is a job but everyone wants to...

How We Roll

Earth Talent is equally selective in the clients we will work with and therefore we will...

Our Fees

Earth Talent provides a variety of services and fee options to give our clients flexibility...

Send Us Your Details

We are quite particular with what type of details we need to best promote your profile to our clients. An achievement focused CV or Bio that is concise and clear. We only accept Word formatted documents to allow seamless integration with our Talent Library.

email: info@earthtalent.com